Seyed M. Moghadas, PhD

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Epidemiology

My research broadly includes mathematical and computational modelling in epidemiology and immunology. In particular, I am interested in the theoretical and computational aspects of mathematical models describing the underlying dynamics of infectious diseases, with a particular emphasis on establishing strong links between micro and macro levels. One important aspect of my research is to develop innovative knowledge translation methods through which existing gaps between theory, policy, and practice are bridged, and modeling outcomes are translated to inform health policy and support decision making.

Research Interests

Mathematical and Computational Modelling: Infectious Disease Modelling, Agent-Based Simulations, Pathogen-Host Dynamics, Computational Epidemiology, Data Analysis, Public Health, Ecological Interactions

Dynamical Systems: Stability, Bifurcation, Normal Forms, Index, and Perturbation Theories

Numerical Analysis: Non-Standard Methods, Convergence Properties, Bifurcation Analysis, Asymptotic Behaviour

I am also the director of the Agent-Based Modelling Laboratory, a very dynamic and collaborative environment for research and networking activities

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